What you MUST know about booth spaces for Lansdale Day >>>  -CLICK HERE
LANSDALE DAY ART & CRAFT FESTIVAL IS AN ADJUDICATED EVENT - what is a juried event? click here to learn more!
If you have participated in the past, we welcome you to join us again.  if you are new to the event, we invite you to join this wonderful day!
You are considered a FIRST TIME vendor if you have never participated in Lansdale Day as an adjudicated vendor
You participated as an approved vendor greater than 5 years ago
You MUST be adjudicated for participation in this event prior to completing a booth space contract or sending in a payment.
The Adjudication process is simple and the forms with instructions are below and available for download (pdf format)
Click on the link below that best describes your business as a potential participant for Lansdale Day
ART/CRAFT/ARTISAN  (click HERE) for Adjudication Application Form &  submission Instructions
FOOD VENDOR (click HERE) for Adjudication Application Form
BUSINESS (non art/craft) click HERE for  Adjudication Application Form
►You will receive an email notification when our committee has made a decision regarding your application for participation. 
The email will come from  so please add this to your address book
We generally reply within 1 week - often sooner.  If you have not heard from us in 10 days from the time you submitted your adjudication application, please send us an email inquiry
Once you have been notified of approval to participate, you will then be asked to submit your Booth Space Contract. 
DO NOT COMPLETE this form until you have been approved to participate
FOOD VENDOR Booth Space Form
BUSINESS (non art/craft) Booth Space Form
TERMS & CONDITIONS form must be completed by ALL vendors and is signed & submitted with the Booth space form & appropriate payment
PLEASE READ THIS FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE SIGNING IT!!!! You are subject to following all of our show/event rules outlined on this form
make the appropriate coordinating booth space payment by one of the following ways:
a)  at our secure payment page  OR
b)  make a check payable to The Rotary Club of North Penn 
If you made an online payment, you must also scan & email the completed booth space form with the signed Terms & Conditions form within one day to:
Mail the completed booth space form, Terms & Conditions form and your check to the address listed on the form
What happens next??
►You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your contract and payment.  This typically happens within 1-3 days of receipt.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR CONFIRMATION!!!
About a week prior to the the event, you will receive a email with your arrival & vendor check-in instructions, as well as your assigned booth space number;  DO NOT LOSE THOSE ARRIVAL INSTRUCTIONS and PLEASE READ THEM!
To all Potential exhibitors:
Upon final adjudication and receipt of your contract with full payment means our committee has approved you as an exhibitor or participant.  We will not accept any flea market or garage sale dealers.  We reserve the right to reject any booth space, table appearance, product or service that is deemed unsuitable for a family atmosphere.  All dealers/crafters/artists and participants must have a canopy covering their booth space; no exceptions!  Those who do not comply will be rejected upon setting up on the day of the event and a refund will not be given.  To minimize duplications, we will limit dealers in various categories and designate placement to minimize similar products being next to one another.   Booth space assignments are emailed to all approved vendors approximately 2-7 days before the event and not before    
If you have any questions, please contact our show manager below.  Thank you and we look forward to your response and participation at Lansdale Day!
Show manager:  Tammy Skiermont
cell:  215-989-2262