If you participated within the last 5 years, you are considered a 'returning vendor'. 
If you have NOT participated within the last 5 years, you must go to our "FIRST TIME VENDOR INFORMATION" page and follow those instructions. 
We are no longer accepting the following Artisan categories as we have booked this year's maximum:
Jewelry • Candles • Pottery
Soap & Bath products • Woodworking
• Glass / Mosaic • Quilted crafts • hand sewn apparel & linens
• Tumblers  • Handbags/totes
We are sold out of Food Vendor spaces for 2023
►We are sold out of Business vendor spaces for 2023
Booth space pricing:
Art/Craft 10x10 space starts at $80.
Business 10x10 space starts at $100.
Food Vendor spaces start at $185.
This is a juried art show for fine art, fine craft & handmade work. Kits, imports, direct sell or manufactured merchandise of any kind will not be accepted in the Artisan area of the event. 
All non-100% handcrafted vendors are considered a 'business' and subject to business pricing for booth spaces and will be located in the "Community Marketplace" section of Lansdale Day. 

Artisan pricing is reserved only for those vendors who hand make or hand create 100% of their wares for sale.

The following instructions are for RETURNING VENDORS only.
WELCOME BACK!!  We are thrilled you chose to participate in Lansdale Day once again!
RETURNING VENDORS - complete the following steps:
1.  Download and complete the booth space form that best correlates with your type of business. 

♦  Fine ART/CRAFT booth space form  **must be 100% Handcrafted / Hand Created - no exceptions
♦  BUSINESS  booth space form- for businesses that promote and/or sell items that are not 100% handcrafted
              Food Vendor Power Questionnaire form (required)
              for food vendor specific requirements for 2023, click HERE
2.  Download, READ & sign the Terms & Conditions form
the Terms & Conditions form is completed by ALL vendors and is submitted with the Booth space form & appropriate payment

PLEASE READ THIS FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE SIGNING IT!!!! You are subject to following all of our show/event rules outlined on this form
3.  Make payment for your booth space & submit paperwork in one of the following ways:
a) Pay for your booth space at our secure payment page  then email your completed booth space form and signed Terms & Conditions form within ONE day to
b)  make check payable to The Rotary Club of North Penn for the amount of your booth space and mail check with all completed paperwork to the address listed on your booth space form.
PLEASE BE AWARE.....  to be officially bookedyou must submit a completed booth space form, a signed terms & conditions form, completed "power source questionnaire (food vendors only)  and submit payment.  Forms submitted without payment are NOT considered booked.  Payment submitted without all necessary forms are NOT considered booked.  We do not 'hold' or 'save' booth spaces for anyone without ALL of the required information submitted with full payment.
What happens next??
Upon receipt of all required paperwork and full payment, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your contract and payment and that you are officially booked for this year's event.  This typically happens within 1-3 days of receipt. 
About a week prior to the the event, you will receive a email with your arrival & vendor check-in instructions, as well as your assigned booth space number;

To all exhibitors & participants:
Confirmed receipt of your contract with full payment means our committee has approved you as an exhibitor or participant.  We will not accept any flea market or garage sale dealers.  We reserve the right to reject any booth space, table appearance, product or service that is deemed unsuitable for a family atmosphere.  All dealers/crafters/artists and participants must have a canopy covering their booth space; no exceptions!  Those who do not comply will be rejected upon setting up on the day of the event and a refund will not be given.  To minimize duplications, we will limit dealers in various categories and designate placement to minimize similar products being next to one another.